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Like mystery novels and crime dramas? As a Forensic Nurse you’ll become part of the real-life action, investigating crimes like sexual and physical assault, murder and accidental death.

You’ll be trained in medical evidence collection and the criminal justice system. Your job will be detail-oriented, with most of your time will be spent in hospital emergency rooms, helping interpret signs of foul play. You may also testify in court as an expert medical witness.

Forensic Nursing can be a very rewarding career, in that you are directly participating in crime investigation and prosecution. It’s fast-paced, structured and research-oriented.

Forensic Nurse Salary & Job Information

The average national salary for a Forensic Nurse is between $54k - $105k. The salary range is very broad because you can work for the local authorities or establish your own private practice.

The Road to Careers in Forensic Nursing

  • Get your Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) or Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and pass your NCLEX.
  • While there is no certification for general forensic nursing, you can get certified as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. However, you’ll need a few years of experience in forensic nursing (the amount of time depends on your state) before you’re eligible to sit for certification exams.

Think a career in Forensic Nursing is right for you? Start planning now so you’ll have a good foundation as you progress!

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