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Course Structure

The Galen College of Nursing curriculum is designed to facilitate a learner-centered culture. Our classroom instruction includes a variety of active learning strategies based on evidence-based practice. These strategies help students learn and apply nursing knowledge, as well as develop the required clinical judgment essential to the practice of nursing. 

There are many reasons why our nursing degree program students say their Galen experiences are outstanding. Among them are our academics. We believe that a nursing school graduate should be able to walk into the first job of their nursing career feeling capable, competent, and ready to go to work. So we’re constantly updating our curriculum to reflect the most current thinking and trends in nursing practice. Our contemporary and technologically advanced nursing degree programs provide students with:

  • Small class sizes and small student-to-teacher ratio means Galen students get more and easier access to faculty members, more one-on-one teaching, and more interaction in the classroom.
  • Early, extensive and diverse clinical experiences, in a variety of real-world healthcare settings. About 50 percent of this time is spent learning and practicing in our campus learning laboratories. There’s also significant time spent caring for patients under the supervision of a Galen faculty member in local healthcare facilities such as hospitals, long- term care facilities and clinics with a focus on medical-surgical nursing, maternity, pediatrics, mental health nursing, and more. Our strong emphasis on hands-on clinical training helps Galen graduates begin their careers with confidence and professionalism, fully prepared to practice.
  • Clinical learning laboratories that are outfitted with high-tech patient-simulation mannequins to facilitate the development of nursing students’ clinical judgment and reasoning.
  • Technology that enhances our students’ learning in the classroom and helps provide opportunities for online nursing education.

Clinical Learning Laboratories

Galen students graduate equipped with more than knowledge: they graduate with the confidence that comes from a healthy amount of clinical experience and hours of hands-on training. In fact, a majority of newly-hired Galen graduates say they feel better prepared than many of their peers.

Developing clinical judgment and reasoning are paramount in nursing education. Because of this, each Galen campus boasts modern clinical learning laboratories equipped with patient simulation mannequins. Working individually and in groups under the supervision of an experienced professional nurse educator, students practice the skills that are fundamental to patient care in an encouraging, engaging learning environment.


For more information about our graduation rates, median debt of students who completed our programs, and other important information, please click here.