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Student Services

Galen student engaged in classroomAt Galen College of Nursing, students find an exceptionally supportive nursing education experience. It’s part of our Pure Nursing philosophy. From personal counseling to student resource and computer study centers to an online bookstore, Galen is a nursing college committed to providing superior educational resources. And, as always, your Galen faculty and staff are available and willing to sit down and offer one-on-one help with coursework, clinical, and career questions. Nursing is much more than a job, which is why every staff member goes above and beyond the job of educating you.

Academic Advising

Appointments can be scheduled with faculty members for academic assistance. Students pursuing a BSN degree program are assigned an advisor and should meet with their advisors at least once per quarter.

Personal Counseling

A career in nursing is challenging. Life is, too. Because Galen is committed to helping students progress successfully through both academic and personal challenges, a school counselor is available to provide confidential guidance for a wide variety of issues.

Galen students engaged in cafeStudent Communication

Galen believes communication is a vital part of the learning process. Frequent student emails and the “My Galen” Student Portal keep our students informed of campus events, school activities, and community service projects.

Student Success Coordinators

Each Galen campus has a Student Success Coordinator dedicated to helping students achieve and excel in their nursing degree program. Student Success Coordinators work in conjunction with our faculty, staff and counselors to improve the overall student experience.

Student Success Coordinators help with:

  • Study and test-taking strategies

  • Peer or faculty tutoring

  • Accommodating students with physical and learning disabilities
  • They also serve as community resource liaisons, sharing information on local housing, utility, childcare, transportation, and other life-assistance opportunities.

The Student Success Coordinators are also the source for Galen student activities designed to help our students become more involved with their education and the community. Programs including the Galen Student Nurse Organization, children’s hospital volunteers, Peer Mentors, and the Student Advisory Board are just a few examples of how Galen student nurses learn and grow outside of the classroom. 

Galen student studying in library resource centerLibrary and Student Resource Center

Galen facilities include not only modern classrooms and state-of-the-art clinical learning laboratories, but also a spacious student resource center with a library; computer lab; counseling office; designated areas for individual testing; group study space; and lounge seating. The library is also an optimal location for quiet study.

Your Galen Library and Student Resource Center is staffed by professional librarians who help locate and utilize electronic and hard-copy resources. Galen librarians also work one-on-one with students to help them format documents, citations, improve Microsoft Office skills, convert files, and take advantage of a variety of other student support services. On-site and digital resources include books, periodicals, audio CDs, DVDs, textbooks and reference materials.

Galen student using laptopOne of our most valuable resources for nursing degree students is the availability of multiple research databases that can be accessed from the computers in the library or remotely, 24/7, from the Galen library website. Students can also bring in their laptops and use the Galen Wi-Fi network.

Additional library resources are also available on Canvas, an online learning platform that Galen utilizes to provide digital access to course materials. The library uses Canvas 
to make available supplementary digital learning materials such as clinical make-up
packets, study aids, YouTube videos, and podcasts.

The Galen Library and Student Resource Center is open to all enrolled students and graduates studying for State Board Examinations, as well as copying and printing study and testing materials.

Special Accommodations (Students with Disabilities)

Galen provides accessibility and support to individuals with disabilities. We comply with all state and federal laws. Applicants and students who would like to request an accommodation may do so by contacting the Section 504/Title IX Coordinator at 727.258.6818.

Any individual who has a concern about an accommodation, or about discrimination or harassment based on a disability, should report his or her concern using the procedures described in Galen’s Equal Opportunity, Discrimination, and Harassment Policy.


For more information about our graduation rates, median debt of students who completed our programs, and other important information, please click here.